Coupon welding test

For DT on these coupons, there was a total of 12 straps cut out and prepped for testing. Computed Digital Radiography Liquid Penetrant. View PDF Brochure. First, the welder completes the root pass and it must be visually inspected VT and approved by the welding inspector before being allowed to proceed.

Your company may choose to send welders to our testing facility. Bend Load Macro Etching Tensile. Eight straps were used for nick break tests, two straps for root bend tests, coupon welding test two straps for face bend tests.

coupon welding test

Coupon welding test rather valuable

Our CWIs will monitor and observe all stages of the welding process. Then, we can test the final product to evaluate the quality of workmanship. Skip to content Weld Test Coupon. You will be connected to one of our professional CWIs to determine the appropriate test procedure and convenient test time.

Coupon welding test
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