Extreme couponing counterfeit coupons

Are these coupons still good to use? The program failed to show the true time commitment behind extreme couponing. Published 9 hours ago. Since coupons are distributed for free, risking prosecution for stealing newspapers is senseless.

Investigators contacted the Phoenix Police Department, leading to the arrests of the three women—two of whom have gone public swearing that they had no knowledge the coupons were counterfeit. These people should be in jail.

extreme couponing counterfeit coupons

Cheaply got, extreme couponing counterfeit coupons

  • Wishful thinking, I guess.
  • The person who had all the coupons, if he or she knew they were counterfeit, should be prosecuted, just like any other fraudster, for fraud for the amount of the coupons.
  • My email to TIde ask if I could have some too and they wrote back and said no they do not give out free coupons and look for their coupons in Brand saver.
  • That was on April 17th, — days ago at the time of this writing. Coupons are made for the casual shopper, not the extreme type.
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Also, in one particularly poorly scripted shopping spree, the store doubled all the coupons the shopper redeemed. However, the store's normal policy at that time for all other shoppers was that they only doubled the first three coupons per shopper. Retailers Raise Prices to Absorb Losses.

I would say that the liable party here is the store that produced these coupons to really be store specific but used manufacture coupon coding so they are scanning at other stores. Share 2 shares Published 9 hours ago.

Jacqueline Curtis.

Extreme couponing counterfeit coupons
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